Indian Boy, 14, Takes Solo Flight on Single-engine Aircraft

Mansour Anis, an Indian-origin teenager from Sharjah, is said to be the youngest pilot to fly a single-engine plane. 


Mansour Anis, a 14-year-old Indian boy, is being hailed as the youngest pilot to fly a single-engine aircraft. The student of Delhi Private School in Sharjah flew a Cessna 152 aircraft during his solo debut flight.

Anis now holds a student pilot permit, and received the certificate from AAA Aviation Academy Canada on August 30, Gulf News reported. He also passed a radio communication test and obtained 96 per cent score in the PSTAR test, an eligibility test to fly transport aircraft in Canada.

Anis’ solo flight was 10 minutes long. After boarding the plane, he wheeled the aircraft from the parking area to the runway, took off the flight, flew for five minutes and landed safely.

A Proud Moment

“Let it be known throughout the aviation world that Mansour Anis at the age of 14 years successfully took off and landed at Langley Regional Airport thereby accomplishing his first solo flight,” AAA Aviation Academy wrote in the certificate issued to Anis.

After returning to the United Arab Emirates, the boy claimed that he has also set the record of flying solo with the least number of training hours. He flew solo after just 25 hours of training.

Anis’ father Ali Asghar told Gulf News that his son has broken the previous record held by a 15-year-old German pilot and a 14-year-old US pilot who took 34 hours of training. Asghar added that he had sent his son along with wife Munira to Canada in the summer to take part in the training.

The minimum age limit for becoming a pilot in India and UAE is 18 years, while it is 16 years in the US and UK. However, in Canada, 14 years is the minimum age for enrolling in a flying course.

Sky is Not the limit for Anis

“I got fascinated about flying the plane because of my uncle. He has been my inspiration and he has envisioned me to become a commercial pilot after I turn 18,” Anis was quoted as saying by Gulf News.

Mansour’s uncle Qaid Faizy is a pilot with Air India.

“After I took off, I concentrated on flying how I did with the instructor. Everything happened very quickly,” Anis said, adding that his aim is to take a commercial pilot license when he turns 18.

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