India Leads the Way in Data Literacy, Shows Survey

Over 45 per cent of Indian workers surveyed were data literate, according to data analytics company Qlik.


India has the highest percentage of data literates at 45.2 per cent, followed by the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, and Australia, among others, a recent survey conducted by data analytics company Qlik showed.

The survey involved more than 11,000 business leaders and full-time workers worldwide as respondents. The research was carried out with an aim to find out how data impacts their personal and professional lives. “We believe it shouldn’t matter where you live or where you are in your career, you should have the same opportunity to use, access and succeed with data,” the report stated.

According to the survey, the per cent of data literates in the United States is 33.4, followed by Spain (25.3 per cent), and United Kingdom (20.6 per cent). Singapore and Germany recorded 15 and 13.5 per cent data literacy, respectively.

“With more data being created today than ever before, data literacy has now become as important as the ability to read and write. It adds weight to our arguments and helps us make better decisions,” said Paul Mclean, Data Literacy Evangelist, Asia-Pacific at Qlik, the Hindu BusinessLine reported.

Mclean added that it is no wonder then that almost nine out of 10 data literates say they are performing very well at work, compared to one in three of those who are not data literate.

Only 20 per cent of the 11,000 plus business leaders and full-time workers surveyed were found to be data literate, the survey revealed, adding that 24 per cent of them feel empowered and proficient in using data in their job. “An overwhelming majority, 70 per cent said they would like to improve their data skillset, if given the chance,” the survey found.

“We can see a clear gap across APAC whereby business leaders are demanding that their employees leverage data day-to- day to drive actionable insights. At the same time however, there is a noticeable gap in the level of support provided to empower them,” Mclean added while talking about the Asia-Pacific region.

India also scores higher when it comes to employee empowerment for accessing data. While 88 per cent employees in India have access to the data they need, are proficient in working with data and feel empowered by their employers to use it, the corresponding  figures  are 76 per cent in China and 75 per cent in Singapore.

“A strong link that was found was between data literacy and job performance shows just one of the many reasons this topic matters,” the report stated.

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