India Blacklists Several UAE-Based Shipping Recruiting Agencies

The Indian Directorate General of Shipping has blacklisted several vessels, including Enjaz 1 and 2, MT Dharma, and M.V. Azab.


Many shipping recruiting agencies based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that abandoned Indian seafarers, who have been stranded in Dubai for last 22 months, have been blacklisted by India.

A circular issued by the Directorate General of Shipping on March 26 listed the names of the vessels and the name of the recruiting owner or agency. Some of the vessels named in the list are Enjaz 1 and 2 owned by the Shah Al Arab Marine Agency, MT Dharma, M.V. Azab, Sharjah Moon, M.T. Ocean Prestige, Ocean Grace and AJWA.

“It has been reported to this Directorate that Indian seafarers are stranded at Dubai for last 22 months due to abandonment by the owners or recruiting agencies,” the circular stated, adding that the crew members are distressed, have not been paid wages for months, and have not been repatriated after completion of the contract. The Indian mission has also conveyed that despite all efforts, these companies continue to recruit Indian seafarers.

The circular stated that it has also been brought to the notice of Indian officials that some registered recruitment and placement services licenses (RPSL) have also sent seafarers to these vessels like Enjaz 1, Enjaz 2, M T Dharma, MV Azab, Sharjah Moon, including others.

It requested immigration authorities to not give clearance to seafarers for boarding these vessels. Since these companies and recruiting agents have been found to be habitual defaulters in terms of payment of wages and basic provisions to the employees, it has been decided to blacklist them.

“The registered RPSL who have recruited and placed Indian seafarers on the above said vessels or shipowners are directed to immediately withdraw Indian seafarers and repatriate them. RPSLs are also cautioned not to recruit and place seafarers on the above said vessels or agencies,” the DG Shipping said.

Indian National Shipowners Association’s (INSA) CEO Anil Devli welcomed the move, PTI reported. He said that it has been seen many times that some agencies employ Indian seafarers and then abandon them. These employees are in distress and are left without sufficient means. “The action by the government will go a long way in identifying such recruiting agencies,” he added. According to Devli, around 50,000 Indian sailors are at sea across the world.

The action taken by the government will make Indian seafarers more alert and check whether the shipping companies are dependable before joining them.

Complete list of vessels and recruiting companies blacklisted:

Name of the VesselRecruiting Owner/Agency
ENJAZ 1Shah Al Arab Marine Agency
ENJAZ 2Shah Al Arab Marine Agency
M T DharmaM/s. Alco Shipping Services LLC, Ajamn, Dubai
M.V. AzabM/s. Alco Shipping Services LLC
Sharhah MoonM/s. Alco Shipping Services LLC
M.T. Ocean PrestigeM/s. Alco Shipping Services LLC
M.T. Ocean PrestigeM/s. Alco Shipping Services LLC
Ocean GraceM/s. Alco Shipping Services LLC
AJWAM/s. Alco Shipping Services LLC



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