Hindu? Pre-Approved For A Loan


Need a good money manager? Consider hiring a Hindu or a Sikh!

The recent Financial Services Authority (FSA) capability study into Britain’s personal finances found that these two communities are best at handling money for reasons, the researchers noted, “that are hard to explain.”

So the Guardian newspaper went into the Hindu and Sikh communities for answers and came up with the following explanation: “Hinduism stresses that increasing the family’s wealth is a duty and a blessing from the goddess Lakshmi, the consort or wife of Lord Vishnu. She is the goddess whose four hands represent prosperity, purity, chastity and generosity. As two of her four virtues are to do with money, every family tries to manage with care and to be more prosperous than the previous generation without compromising spiritual virtues. Sikhism, which also figures highly in the FSA financial capability study, is vastly different as a religion, but has a similar ethos — living in a family environment and serving the community enables truth and God to be realized.”

The FSA report found that Muslims were better than average at money management and Christians are just above average.

So are the credit card companies ready to cut Hindus and Sikhs a break?

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