Hat Trick

Shaping the Lakme Fashion Show were designs that could be placed into two categories: where can I hide it and where can I find IT .


Maybe a reprieve is in sight, ok, you decide. Get a look at the Mystic Heights Collection (sounds like one of those California serials from the early 90’s) by Paras & Shalini. TheEdwardian sleeved blouse with the sari tapered at mid calf with a stunning pullo or the sassy mini skirt again by Gavagna (you know what they say, create a Italian politician and designers are bound to follow) replete with a symbolic rippled hem and the webbed silk sleeveless mango dress with a crocheted collar blended with sunburst created by Anupama Dayal is certainly worth a smile. How about that jacket embossed with paisley motifs of feminity overlapping the pleasure of wearing simple yet dur-able cotton imagined by Sonam Dubal. A simple appeal to all the designers at Lakme Fashion Week…. forget the Seema, Priyanka, etc…and open as widely as possible the doors to the women of Smith, UC, Rutgers, Emory and Northwestern and tell us where can we find IT?

Designer Anand Kabra put a collared shirt with a Bengali sari and tweaked it by adding a jacket(looks cool, right?) Take a gander at the peasant look, call it Bhutanese glam, in shimmering gold and luscious fabric topped off by a fur-edged floppy hat by designer Agnimitra Paul.

Bollywood actress, Katrina Kaif struts a quasi kimono wrap in electric blue while a top model wears a shimmering red design by Swapnil Shinde which unfortunately resembles those balloon curtains hanging in too many American households.

Take another look at the wearable art and cinched bodice crafted by Giovanni Cavagna. I know we were shut out of the World Cup, but maybe we have a contender here, (whoops, he’s Italian) but he captured near perfect chicness and then unimaginably throws red gloves into the mix, why oh why?

Those hat tricks….bamboo scaffolding piled high above a subtle tunic, and take a look at the colorful mop rags layered with striped lipsticksuggesting that if the umbrella fails, an alternative remains. Now, members of the desi glamboard… come on, you have to love the coiled rubber affect draped reggae style across the chest and head (Bob Marley smile) and look again at the crown affair … the accordian cap splashed green is obviously a miss. Finally, that’s some kind of halo affect…all Indian fashion is now about capturing that higher power.


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