Hair He Goes

A tribute to Sanjaya Malakar.

Like the delayed winter, you stayed on

Like others in office, you held on

Like a crooner in the bathroom, you chanted on

Like a thorn in the roses, you did shine on

The idol of tomfoolery

The show of buffoonery

The circus of canaries

The panel of sophistry

Oh, Malakar!

What is your Chamatkar?

Yo’ NO Kalakaar!

We are your Chitrakar!!

Come again, come again

That hair is your gain

That rhythm is your pain

That Idol, never again!

You make us proud

You minstrel for the crowd

You critic of the fraud

You dancer who bowed

Thank you for transcending mediocrity

Thank you for showing us the absurdity

Thank you for confusing adorability

Thank you for normalizing abnormality 

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