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H1B Workers’ Spouses on H4 Visas Shocked at Fallout of New York Times Story on Fate of Work Permits

Trump's backers say they want to fix flaws in the employment based immigration process and also advocating for a complete overhaul of America's immigration system.

A New York Times report on spouses of H1B workers anxious over the fate of their employment authorisation has sparked a scathing riposte from a US based anti-immigration ‘think tank’ in a story headlined ‘New York Times Urges Sympathy for H-1B Workers in Million-Dollar Homes’.

“I was shocked! This is just the kind of stuff that will fan the flames of anti-immigrant sentiment. It’s the last thing we need in this political climate,” says Anuradha, an H1B spouse on an H4 visa in Stamford, Connecticut.

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