Georgia Couple Returns Bag Stuffed with $25K to Indian-American Man

Patel reported to Rincon police about the lost bag and was contacted within few hours to tell that a couple has returned his bag untouched.


Presenting an example of high morality and righteousness, a couple in Georgia returned a bag stuffed with $25,000 to its Indian-American owner.

Some hours after an Indian-American business owner Gautambhai Patel filed a police complaint, two locals— Jeff and Mechelle Green— gave the cash-stuffed bag to Rincon police. The bag was then returned to Patel.

According to the report in Evening Standard, Gautambhai Patel, a convenience store owner in Georgia was driving with a bag with $25K in it. Midway, he got a phone call and he pulled over to attend. After taking the call he drove back home only to realize that he had mistakenly left the cash-stuffed bag on a car which would have fallen on the way.

He reported to Rincon Police about the bag and was contacted within few hours to tell that a couple has returned his bag untouched, added the report.

Rincon Police shared a picture of this couple with the Indian-American local business owner on its Facebook page and praised the honest couple calling them “amazing people.”

“Local residents Jeff and Mechelle Green are those amazing people! They recovered the bag and made sure it was returned to the rightful owner,” said Rincon Police.

Encouraging other citizens to follow such examples, the police said, “We always encourage citizens to do the right thing both morally and legally! Thank you to the Green’s!”

Patel expressed his gratitude to the couple calling them a “good family.”

He was quoted by ABC News as saying, “The family is a good family…They have a good culture.”

Referring to Jeff Green, he said, “He’s honest. He did not take anything from the bag. That’s a good guy.”

He also told the publication that it was “rare” case, where people have returned such a big amount of money. “Most of the time people (would take) the money.”

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