This Floating Kolam Used 5,000 Flower Bulbs, 87 Bags of Coconut Flakes & More

It took 100 volunteers about 117 hours to finish the artwork.


With a kolam measuring 638.02 sq.m made in the 120,000 gallon swimming pool, Shangri La’s Golden Sands resort made its way into the Malaysia Book of Records ahead of Diwali celebrations in the country. The artwork, which depicted a majestic looking peacock, lotus and the “S” of the hotel logo, was entered in the records as the “Biggest Floating Kolam”.

The successful attempt was celebrated with Indian classical dance performances. The artistic feat will help boost tourism in the state, Malaysia Book Of Records deputy general manager Mohamad Alex Edward Jamuh Abdullah, who certified the event, said.

The project, completed on Oct. 10, involved participation of 100 volunteers from the resort, the Penang Hindu Association (PHA) and the Inti International College in Penang. It took them about 117 hours to finish the kolam. While 10 days were spent in planning the artwork, another nine days went in execution.

The participants used 87 bags of desiccated coconut flakes, 37.9kg of sticker glue, 47 pieces of polystyrene and 5,000 bulbs of fresh pompon chrysanthemums to make the kolam in the swimming pool.

“Volunteers would take turns to place the colored desiccated coconut flakes based on the design. It was amazing to see so many people making an effort to come up with this kolam,” an Indian national who has been living in Malaysia for 14 years said, describing the process to the Star Online.

“This is a noble effort by the diverse people of Penang,” hotel manager Noel D’Couto said, giving credit to all the volunteers who gave their time and talent to ensure that the project took off. “It also reflects the good relations among the diverse people of Penang, and the harmony within a multi-cultural society,” he told the publication.

The project cost RM 25,000. According to resort’s communications director Suleiman Tunku Abdul Rahman, the dessicated coconut flakes will be reused for other project.

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