Father of Child Genius Winner Rahul Slammed on Social Media

Viewers took to social media to express distaste for Minesh Doshi’s “pushy” behaviour.


While Rahul Doshi, the 12-year-old Indian-origin winner of UK Channel 4’s Child Genius, became the talk of the town with an IQ of 162, which is speculated to be higher than Einstein’s, his father received a lot of Twitter wrath.

Minesh Doshi, an IT manager, came across as an overbearing father when he was caught smirking on camera after Rahul’s opponent, 9-year-old Ronan, got a question wrong. Whenever his own son got a question wrong, Minesh would grimace openly with his head buried in his hands. When Rahul finally won the contest, his father took the trophy from his son’s hands, and brandished it proudly.

After Rahul was declared winner, his father reportedly said to media: “I am actually willing him with the answers, it’s like I’m on his shoulder, telepathically trying to get the words to him.”

He added: “He’s got the team helping him every step of the way.”

During the competition, he had given Rahul advice, saying he needs to view other children as his competition. “There are no prizes for being friendly with your opponents,” he was quoted as saying by the UK media.

Minesh went on to say: “We raised this little boy from a baby and he’s doing so many good things and I’m boasting about him but, hey why not. It’s amazing, and to call him my son is just the best feeling.”

Minesh also rued the fact that he did not have the opportunity to enter Child Genius himself as a child.

His behaviour did not go down too well with viewers, and they took to social media to call it “disgusting” and “disrespectful”. Some viewers wanted Rahul to lose just because of his father.

Child Genius is a British Reality TV show in which children are asked a set of questions and assigned tasks. Rahul was one among the 20 participants aged eight to 12 years in the week-long show.

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