Fashion MD


She may not be able to fix your hot flashes or your cough, but she can certainly transform the health of your wardrobe!

 The world may have lost yet another Indian physician – and gained a fashion designer in 23-year-old Atlanta based Christine Philip, “My father, grandfather, all my uncles, aunts, and cousins are physicians and my brother is in medical school. I’m the only one in my family doing something totally different.” Although Philip started out as a pre-med student at Emory University she has been into design since the age of 12. So she switched to marketing classes and learnt all aspects of design from an European couturier in Atlanta.

She has already gained a following through word of mouth for her private label and also does couture work. She’s sold to boutiques in Florida and Bangalore, and sources her fabrics both in India and the Indian bazaars of Atlanta.

She designs Western outfits with Indian fabrics, and does shows to support good causes, including an upcoming one at the Fox Theater with two mainstream private label designers. Christine Philip is now gearing up for a show for buyers in Bangalore, which now has a very cosmopolitan crowd. She says, “I want my clothes to be so universal that they can be worn by Americans in India and by Indians in America.”

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