Drunk Indian-Origin Woman Jailed in UK for Mid-Air Misbehavior

The court was told that during a bumpy landing, the woman had started screaming "we are all going to die," causing distress to passengers.


An Indian-origin woman was jailed for six months in the UK for mid-air drunken behavior that caused a passenger to have a seizure.

Kiran Jagdev, 41, from Leicester, was flying home from Tenerife in Spain in January this year and was served with alcohol by the crew. She later tried to blame the crew of Jet2 airline for supplying her with alcohol during her flight.

Judge Philip Head “rejected” her excuse and decided to punish her with a “deterrent sentence” during a hearing at Leicester Crown Court this week, PTI reported.

The court was told that during a bumpy landing the executive assistant had started screaming “we are all going to die,” causing distress to passengers.

“The effect you had on other passengers must have been dreadful,” the judge said, according to PTI.

“As the pilot was unable to put the craft down on the approach, that triggered a further foul-mouthed tirade where you shouted ‘we’re all going to die’ for about 10 minutes,” the judge said.

According to prosecutors, Jagdev had consumed between six and eight beers even before boarding the four-hour flight to East Midlands Airport. She then proceeded to drink a further four to six glasses of wine on the plane, using her own supply from her handbag when the crew refused her more drinks, the news agency reported.

Prosecutor Joey Kwong told the court, “She continued to ask cabin crew for a drink and they continued to refuse her and she was issued with an Air Navigation Order.”

After she was moved for kicking seats, causing a passenger to have a seizure, an off-duty police officer on the same flight offered to sit next to her to assist cabin crew but she began making “vulgar” comments to him, PTI reported.

She was arrested by police on landing and proceeded to direct abusive remarks at airport immigration authorities.

“There isn’t any excuse. We can’t put the blame on anyone other than herself and she accepts that” her defense lawyer, Harbinder Lally, told the court.

The judge concluded: “You are the author of your own and other people’s misfortune.

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