Don't Want To Do Homework? Outsource It!

Now American students who are having trouble with their Math or science, can get even eleventh hour help from teachers in India and homework solutions are a phone call away, albeit with a country and city code attached!

The Washington Post recently reported on the phenomenon, with a George Washington student cramming for his finals putting a call through to Mike, his tutor at 3 a.m. “Not a problem if your tutor works 8,500 miles away and 9 1/2 hours ahead in Bangalore, India.”

Actually, the tutor’s name is Mahakali Murthy, and he’s part of, a Chicago based tutoring company with more than 6,000 clients. About 80 percent of India’s $5 million online tutoring industry is focused on students in the United States, according to Educomp Solutions, a New Delhi tutoring company.

 So what is America going to outsource next? Agony Aunts, fortune telling or perhaps 24 hour listening services for those who just want to vent? All jobs welcome. After all, there are a billion Indians, with enough mouths to talk, and enough ears to listen!

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