Diwali Barbie

A diwali version of the iconic Barbie doll is joining the toy company Mattel’s roster of world dolls. The Diwali Barbie joins the “Dolls of the World” collection beside the Japanese Maiko Barbie, the African American Kawanzaa Barbie and the Native American Windrider Barbie.


$3 billion in annual sales, Barbie boasts of being the world’s largest girl brand.

Mattel describes the doll as follows: “Diwali Barbie doll wears a traditional teal sari with golden detailing, a lovely pink shawl wrap, and exotic jewelry. The final detail is a bindi on the forehead – a jewel or a mark worn by Hindu women to indicate that they are married.”

The doll’s popularity remains to be tested. An earlier Indian doll Mattel introduced in 2001 called “Indian Princess Barbie,” clad in a pink silk sari, quickly faded from the Barbie collection.


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