• Achal Mehra |August 12, 2011

    American Football Making Foray Into India

    American-style football is seeking an entry into India. But it is unclear whether a country that has a single-minded obsession with cricket will take to this all-American sport.

  • Achal Mehra |August 12, 2011

    "How the Hell Did India Get to Number One"

    Former British Cricket Captain Geoffrey Boycott: "The question everybody keeps asking is how the hell did India get to number one in the world playing like this? They look a shadow of even an average team. The bowlers try hard but are military m

  • Achal Mehra |August 12, 2011

    British Bowler Tells Indian Fielders to Get Their Hands Out of Their Pockets

    Tim Bresnan tells India's losing players that they should go home if they can't play with more passion. "It'd help if India's fielders didn't have their hands in their pockets. It's not that cold. They need to look

  • Achal Mehra |August 12, 2011

    Giving Poverty a Kick

  • Achal Mehra |August 11, 2011

    Formula1 Expected to Trigger Auto Racing Frenzy in India

    India's usually overshadowed motor racing fraternity is banking on the arrival of Formula One to spark a surge in domestic interest in their sport.

  • Achal Mehra |August 10, 2011

    American Football is Coming to India

    The Elite Football League of India (EFLI) plans to kick off in the fall of 2012.

  • Monojit Lahiri |May 12, 2011

    World Cup 2011 Long Shots, Close-Ups & Side Shows!

    Examining the incredible hype, hoopla, hysteria and histrionics that gripped the one billion plus awe-struck fans.

  • Lovejeet Alexander |November 10, 2010

    Celebrating Jugaad

    The Commonwealth Games were a triumph of Indian Jugaad

  • Stephen Wilson |November 9, 2010

    No Competition Here

    China and India are Asian neighbors, rivals and emerging powers. When it comes to organizing major international sporting...

  • Achal Mehra |August 8, 2010

    Is Dhoni India's New Youth-icon?

    Move over Big B, SRK and Sachin! There’s a new Pied Piper seducing Indian youth big time and...