Can't Cheat On That Check

In what is sure to send shivers down the spine of every college smoocher, three computer science graduate students at Carnegie Mellon University have figured out a way to track shared expenses among friends.

The developers of Buxfer, seen from left, Ashwini Bharambe, Shashank Pandit and Amit Manjhi on the campus of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg

Shashank Pandit, Amit Manjhi and Ashwin Bharambe have developed a website Buxfer, acronym for “bucks transfer,” to enable a group of people to track who owes what to whom from splitting dinner or movie tabs, or rent or utility bills.

Log in to your account and enter all the bills you split and presto, the checks are divvied up in the group. As of mid-December the website boasted of almost 9,000 transactions worth nearly $1.9 million from college students all over the country and abroad.

No doubt the site is a hit with people who like to be reminded about all the people they owe money to.

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