Canada’s University of Windsor to Open its First International Recruitment Office in India

Out of the 3,431 international students at the University of Windsor, 1,783 students are from India. 


The University of Windsor, Canada, is going to open its recruitment office in India, which will support students searching for information related to university admissions or other details. It will be the university’s first international recruitment office.  

The institution has chosen India to open its first standalone office due to the growing interest of students in the country in Canadian education, Windsor Star reported. Out of the 14,553 full-time students enrolled in this session, 3,431 are international students, including 1,783 Indias. 

The office may be opened in a metropolitan city like New Delhi or Mumbai, Chris Busch, associate vice president of enrollment management at University of Windsor, said in a video posted by Windsor Star. 

The office will be opened with an aim to provide help and support to the students, so that they can make right decisions, Busch added.  Students in India, who are looking for education in Canada, may have questions about the university, time zone or language-related issues. The center would provide these services to the perspective students, who can get in touch with university officials to seek the relevant information.  

“Having an office in India will make it easier for students because they won’t have to be up at 2 a.m. to contact us in Windsor with questions. There’ll be someone there, who understands their language and culture to help them with applications and information. We really want to help students make the best decision,” Busch was quoted as saying by the publication.   

Since the information will be directly coming from the University of Windsor, applicants will not have to worry about its authenticity, and will feel more sure while making decisions. 

“If you’ve been admitted to the university and you live in New Delhi, there may be interest for those individuals to learn a little bit more about accommodations or where they can find grocery stores,” Busch told CBC News. He added that Canadian representatives ​will be employed at the Indian office, so that students in the India can get assistance before they start their journey to Windsor. 

The university is aiming to open the new recruitment office in January next year, the report added. Busch also indicated about plans to open recruitment offices in other countries such as China.  

A total of 124,000 Indians are pursuing educational courses in Canada, which is second only to the United States, which has 211,703 Indian students. Canada was followed by Australia, which attracted 87,115 Indian students, according to the Indian government’s data till July 18, 2018. 

The  politically charged “anti-immigrant climate” in the United States and the United Kingdom is increasingly prompting students from India to look at Canada as a safer destination for studies, resulting in a sharp increase in the number of Indian students applying to Canadian institutes last year. 

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