Burn The Brat !

An Indian couple in Green Bay, Wisc., has pleaded not guilty to burning their 7-year-old child with a hot spoon for misbehaving in school.

Nandhini Devi, 32, and her husband, Anand Louis, 33, who immigrated under a year ago, are charged with child abuse, which carries a six year jail sentence.

According to the criminal complaint, the parents were upset after school officials called to report their child’s misconduct and used a heated spoon to burn his leg. A school nurse reported the quarter-sized open wound on the boy’s right leg to police.

“Mom was very angry and had the idea of killing me, but Daddy said, ‘No, we’ll just give you a burn you will never forget,'” the boy reportedly told investigators. He said he tried to break away from his mother, “but his father was holding onto him too tight,” the complaint added.

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