Australia’s Largest Comedy Festival to Come to India

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow will go on a five-city tour of Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Delhi before performing at the Bengaluru Comedy Festival.


Indians can now expect a major laughing carnival as “The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow” is all set for its arrival in India.

The Australian High Commission announced in a statement that India can now experience a major dose of Aussie humor as the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow is all set to hit a five-city trail of Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, and Delhi before performing at the Bengaluru Comedy Festival next month.

Australia Fest, a six-month celebration of Australian culture, involving over 75 events across 20 Indian cities, was inaugurated by Australia’s High Commissioner to India, Harinder Sidhu in September.

“Audiences in Australia have been enjoying the fun and frivolity of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for a long time now,’ Sidhu said. “We are thrilled to bring four of the funniest Australian comedians to India to showcase everything from stand-up and sketch to satire as part of Australia Fest.”

The Australian comedy festival will feature an ensemble of some dynamic Australian comics including the ideal Aussie comedian Daniel Connell, the relatable and hilarious Mel Buttle, a stand-up comedian with a surreal take on the everyday life Guy Montgomery, and an observational and often-absurd comedian Aaron Chen. “The tour promises to be a comedy experience you will never forget,” the statement read.


Aaron Chen, one of the most popular new-age Australian comedian best known for his unique mic techniques talked about his excitement to come to India for the first time.

“I’m incredibly excited to perform in India and also just to be in India for the first time. I don’t know what to expect from this beautiful country except open arms and warm naans (I hope to have at least one).”

Guy Montgomery, another popular comedian, said, “Every year at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival I’m blown away by the quality of the comedians who come over from India. I can’t wait for them to say the same about me!” He has also tweeted announcing about his performance in India.

The mega Australian comedy carnival will also feature several new-age Indian artists including Kanan Gill in Mumbai, Anirban Dasgupta in Kolkata, Sonali Thakker in Pune, Rahul Dua in Delhi and Kjeld Sreshth in Bengaluru.

The Australia Fest aims to strengthen the Australia-India relationship by featuring the best of Australia’s rich cultural representation through the world of music, art, food, film, literature, dance, theatre, sport and much more.

‘With Australia Fest, we aim to deepen the engagement between our two countries and further strengthen our people-to-people ties,’ Sidhu said.

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