2 Men Arrested for Robbing British Couple in Bihar

The couple was traveling to Kolkata from Haridwar and decided to stop in Bihar when they were assaulted.


A British couple, Mathew and Jessie Kidd, traveling from Haridwar to Kolkata via the Ganga River were attacked by two men when they stopped in Bihar on Nov. 5. The men, who tried to rob them and molest Jessie, were arrested soon.

The vloggers, called Tartan Travellers, have been traveling across India in their kayak, or bullock-cart or autorickshaws. They stopped at an island at Pandarak on Nov. 5 evening, 80 km from Patna, to take pictures when two men attacked them, and stole their phones and money. The couple sought help from the neighboring village residents, who helped them by informing the police.

“Both the accused were traced and arrested from near the banks of the Ganges last night,” Manu Maharaj, the Senior Superintendent of Police of Patna, told PTI. They resumed their journey after the arrests were made.

Matthew and Jessie started their travel from Haridwar on Sept. 27. They are Scottish travel vloggers who run a website called

In their blog, they write, “When we travel to the villages, the kayak comes with us. This means the kayak has experienced some unique transportations. So far, the kayak has been on 2 tractors, a tuk tuk and a buffalo cart along with men picking it up and carrying it on their heads!”

They usually camp during their travels but often villagers invite them to their homes and offer food and gifts.

Crossing the dams along the Ganges can be tricky as we are completing this adventure unsupported. We were told by those who have completed similar Ganges expeditions with support crews how tricky the crossings can be and this was one of our many worries on the river. But after crossing three dams now we can confidently say that such crossings have been without drama and quite fun. We stopped 3km from the Narora dam and asked a local man if we could get transport. 30mins later we had bungeed Trinco (the kayak) to the roof of a tuk tuk with all our equipment piled in the back all thanks to one man calling his friend who was willing to take us across the dam. We never know how our days will pan out and a ride in a tuk tuk is the last thing we expected today. This picture shows Jess sitting with all our equipment and water just before we put Trinco back into the Ganges. #rivergangesexped #dam

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Recently, a Swiss couple was beaten up in Uttar Pradesh’s famous tourist spot Fatehpur Sikri. The government then offered Marie Droze and Quentin Jeremy Clerc two-night stay at a five-star hotel to as a “token of concern”.

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