December 2014

Modi Ignites Language Wars in Lutyens' Delhi

With the rise and rise of Narendra Modi, India’s first truly post-Independence prime minister, who also happens to be its least “classically educated” one, Lutyens’ Delhi is confronting a brand new reality.

Discordant Notes

Both music directors and composers have really stepped on the gas to enter this once-hallowed space of professional singers and belt out numbers that are — ouch! — frequently indigestible!

Back Again

It is the bonding, trust, understanding and total surrender of the stars to the director’s magic touch that usually results in the success of the film.

Nuturing Innovation Does Geography Matter

Why does Geography feel less critical to innovation these days.

Khadi Goes Chic

Khadi, once the dowdy sartorial symbol of India’s independence movement, is now trendy and makes the cash registers ring.

The Bat Maker

Nestled in Waipawa, a small town in Hawke’s Bay in North Island, New Zealand, a region famous for its wines, James Laver has been carving many a cricketing dream - literally!

Virtuous Wrong

Scott Dadich, Wired editor in chief, advocates intentional wrong as a design virtue.

I Spy December 2014

Catch the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center together in Vadodra, Gujarat.

Go Figure December 2014

Are you ready to start cracking the next Go Figure mystery? Deadline January 15, 2015   Enter Go Figure Contest   The October mystery image seems to have stumped our

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