February 2014

How Yoga Became a $27 Billion Industry

Perhaps inevitably, yoga’s journey from ancient spiritual practice to big business and premium lifestyle has some devotees worrying that something has been lost along the way.

Pseudo Intellectual’s Day Out

The sudden craze of the hoi polloi to gatecrash into every cultural and literary event in India

Books & the Baboos

Boi Para, Kolkata’s historic College Street, is the world’s biggest and oldest second hand book mart functioning since 1850.

Reel Politics

Bollywood’s political films fail to make the cut.

Leveraging Entreprenurship For Health Care Delivery

70% of the health care infrastructure in India (doctors, beds, nurses, etc.) is concentrated in urban areas where 30% of the population lives.

Bawarchis of the Old City

The only thing in the world that these bawarchis care about is their recipes and spices.

Cheaters Win

Why Systems to prevent deception don’t work

Death By Twitter

Social networking in these insatiable, exhibitionistic, let-it-all-hangout-times.

Party Time For The Three Khans

In year 2014, the buzz is that the three trail-blazing musketeers of B-town, the Khans, are going political.

Arrival of the Visa Babus

The particular objective of liberalizing the visa regime is to attract tourists.

Go Figure February 2014

Are you ready to start cracking the next Go Figure Mystery? Deadline March 15, 2014   Enter Go Figure Contest   The winner of the December mystery is Disha Assudani

ISpy February 2014

  Send photo and win $30

Do Beauty & Brains Mix?

Beauty acts as a double edged sword.

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